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November 11, 2009
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Preparing a nursery for the arrival of the stork was one of my fun and most exciting experience when I was pregnant. And the most enjoyable parts of it is picking the theme for the room. I didn’t know if I was having a girl or a boy, hubs and I wanted to keep the excitement until the very last moment. That made it more fun!

Baby Bedding Sets provide a wonderful decorative touch to any nursery, and since we had no idea of the baby’s gender at that time, we had to decide whether to purchase a classic design or opt for geometric patterns. We chose the latter. We wanted something that provides an easy way to instantly brighten up a room and add warmth and a welcoming atmosphere. Green was the perfect color!

green bedding

During my time, purchasing a complete set was a bit pricey, and the set only included a comforter, a cotton sheet and bumper pad. Baby bedding sets now offer more accessories, such as a dust ruffle, wall hangings, decorative pillows, baskets, mobiles, and lamps.  I wish all these options were available then, it could have been more economical.

But choosing the geometrical patterns and the color green was a great idea.  I have spent a fortune when we set up the nursery but since I made sure I purchased good quality products, I was able to use them again for my second child.  And after my son was through with them, I was able to pass it on to my cousin.  I might have spent a lot on the beddings but I was happy I got my money’s worth and post maternity girdle reviews.

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