The Modern Mom
February 1, 2012
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Light plays a big role in our daily lives and it affects the rhythmic process of our biological clock.  Light signals when you need to go to sleep or go to work.  The lighting at home should be carefully planned.  Whether in the living room or the bedroom, the place where we retire after a day’s work should have lamps that can be made dimmer.  A dimmer room sets a quiet and relaxing mood.  Spending a few minutes in a room with dim lighting instantly relaxes you.

Notice how people can speak in low voices when in a dimmer room?  That’s because the slightly darker effect created by this contemporary lighting is a quiet mood.  It makes people think that there are people resting or sleeping in a room. Sometimes, you even try to walk in tiptoes when entering a dim room.

You can set different moods in a room depending on the amount of illumination you put in it.  You can brighten it up if you want to achieve a cheerful mood or use colored lights to achieve a different mood.  Skillfully applying the light in the room will not only create the mood you want; it will also add beauty and a touch of elegance in every room.

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