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February 20, 2009
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Of all the household chores, cleaning the bathroom is the toughest job for me.  Just the thought of cleaning those hard to reach spots behind the toilet, in the showerbaths and under the sink makes me cringe.  But whether I like it or not, there is no excuse I can make in not cleaning it.  I grew up in a household where bathrooms are the areas that should be given top priority when it comes to cleaning because disease causing germs and bacteria thrive in wet surroundings.

Here are some tips on how to make your bathroom a healthier place for the whole family.

Closed doors traps heat and moisture from showers, so bathrooms are prime locations for mold to grow.  To help dissipate the heat and humidity, leave your exhaust fan running for 20 minutes or so after a shower.

I’m sure you know how to clean your counters but bacteria also breed moisture and organic material on your hands, which then gets deposited on  bathroom taps, shower curtains, light switches, handles, showers, etc. To sanitize these items, use a disinfectant.

Scrub any visible grime and mold on the walls using tile and tub cleaners but make sure your cleaner does not contain harsh ingredients.  When you don’t know what’s in the container, you have no idea what kind of fumes you’re spreading around your house as you clean.  You can opt for organic cleaning solutions.

Whether your bathroom is lavish one or just plain and simple, remember that a clean and well-maintained bathroom can enhance your life beyond measure.

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