The Modern Mom
March 14, 2014
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There are only two seasons where I live – wet and dry seasons. Although most of the time it’s dry, when it rains, it literally pours! We even experience flooding during the typhoon season. Having waterproof jackets and other rain gears is a must for every commuter. Bringing just an umbrella is not enough.

My son has two favorite jackets. One is cotton and the other one is made from a canvas type fabric. He hates bringing thick jackets because they are bulky. The books he had to bring to school every day are already too heavy and he doesn’t want the extra bulk in his backpack. So, I had to look for other ways to make sure he won’t get wet when it rains too hard. A friend suggested I try a waterproof spray. Well, I’ve heard about it, but I didn’t know that I can easily buy an industrial waterproofing spray around here.

I tried coating the cotton jacket first. It worked! I tested it by pouring some water on the jacket and the liquid just beaded off. I did it again on the other jacket and the result was the same. My son just loves his jackets and I just love the spray. I feel confident that now, he wouldn’t be coming home again looking like a wet cat.

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