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November 2, 2012
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If you are tired of the plain and boring placemats, maybe it’s about time you switch to placemats quilted. I have seen some really cute and attractive placemats designs online that I thought would look great in my home. I’m not really into quilted designs because I used to find them old fashioned. Not that I didn’t like anything old fashioned, I just found them a tad boring. But when I finally got tired of plain and simple; I thought I’d look into placemats with designs. Landing on this tabletop linen specialist page made me curious and I never thought I’d love what I saw. The quilted placemats are fabulous and surely, the designs would add style to my table. I also loved the matching runners.

I purchased a few different designs that I can rotate and I also purchased a few more sets for the holidays. The placemats have received a lot of positive reviews from the people who purchased from their website and I have to admit that they have convinced me. The placemats that I bought also got plenty of good comments from hubs and the kids and also from family and visitors.

Everyone who sat on my table complemented the beautiful designs and they never failed to put a smile on everyone’s face. Even I, who’s alone most of the time working in the kitchen would smile whenever I see my beautiful placemats.

If you are on a hunt for fab placemats, I would definitely recommend these quilted placemats. They are beautiful and affordable and would definitely add some color to your dining table.

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