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December 24, 2009
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Of all my daily chores, cleaning Toilets and baths are always a challenge.  Just thinking about those hard to reach spots behind the toilet and under the sink  and mold buildups already makes me cringe.  But there are no excuse I can make in not cleaning them.  And when it comes to family health,  bathrooms are my top priority when because disease causing germs and bacteria thrive in wet surroundings.

So, after I have picked one from the best toilet brands – to make it a healthier place for my family, I did a little research on how to clean them properly.

For the problem ring around the toilet caused by alkaline deposits, TBFT recommends that you pour one or two cups of white vinegar into the toilet once a month to eliminate the nasty rings.

For toilet bowl rings, turn off the water flow to the toilet and flush to remove the water. Dampen a couple of heavy duty paper towels with white vinegar or tan orange-based cleaner. Place them around the edges making sure you cover all areas. Keep them damp for a few hours or overnight.  You will notice that the water stains will start dissolving.  Scrub off using a stiff nylon brush.

White vinegar always works wonders but if the stains are too stubborn and the vinegar does not dissolve the whole ring, use a pumice stone and a stiff toothbrush. Dampen one end of the pumice stone and keep it wet.

Gently rub the stone across the lines. When enough pumice builds on the sides, switch to a stiff bristle brush to continue working. Rub gently until the deposit disappears. The pumice will scratch the toilet so use it only one time and very carefully.


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