The Modern Mom
June 27, 2009
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Aside from being economical, easy to clean and its ability to be kept from dirt, ceramic tiles add a touch of class to any room.  Using a mop or a damp cloth, just wipe the surface and you’re done.  It’s that easy! Unlike with a carpet, which you need to vacuum, you save energy and money with ceramic tiles.

A ceramic tile has the ability to prevent humidity and prevents development of colonies of germs and bacteria, that is why it is mostly used in bathrooms, kitchens, swimming pools and laboratories where water is continuously used.  And because it does not require maintenance after it has been installed, ceramic tiles have also become very popular for home use.

I got tired of messy carpets  so I asked hubs if we could install ceramic tiles in our living room, and I’m glad we did.  It’s so easy to clean and I like that the floor looks so neat.

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