The Modern Mom
November 27, 2008
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In time for Thanksgiving, here are some tips on hot to easily carve your favorite turkey.

Step 1:  Holding a drumstick in one hand and a carving knife in the other, slice the band of skin connecting the leg to the body.

Step 2:  Twist the drumstick with your hand to pop the joint, then disconnect it from the body by slicing through the joint.

Step 3:  Wiggle the thigh bone to find the joint.  Using the knife, sever the skin around the thighbone and slice through the joint to remove.

Step 4:  Using a carving fork to hold the wing steady, make a deep, horizontal cut above the wing joint.

Step 5:  Hold the turkey steady with the carving fork and slice the breast.  Each slice will fall when the knife reaches the cut from step 4.

Step 6:  Slice behind the wing joint to remove the wing; repeat steps 1 through 5 on the other side.

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all!

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