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December 16, 2008
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Here are some tips on how to remove the grime on your baby’s high chair, car seat and stroller.  Simply wiping them can not degunk the nooks and crannies.  Follow these steps to erase stains.

For your child’s car seat, use a cordless vacuum to suck up crumbs and dirt.  Wipe plastic parts with soap and water, then spot clean the fabric seat.  Try to remove the seat cover and run it through the wash.  Hang it to dry to avoid shrinkage.

For high chairs, put the plastic tray in the sink and scrub it.  You can also put it in the top rack of your dishwasher.  Then, using a soapy toothbrush, get into the seat crevices.  When the base gets really grimy, put the whole chait in the shower, then towel dry throroughly after washing.

For strollers, vacuum seat then spot-clean it to remove stains and spills.  Using a damp cloth, wipe the frame, then hose off the wheels to get rid of salt and sand.  Keep it unfolded and let it air-dry.  If wheels develop a squeak, put a dab of cooking oil or WD-40 on the axle.

For stuffed animals, place them in a mesh bag and wash on a gentle cycle.  Air-dry, then brush them with a soft hairbrush.  If they still smell mushy, put them in a bag, add baking soda and shake well.  Brush it off and let it air out in the sun.

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