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February 24, 2009
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Often, it is difficult to make the right decision when buying a tennis racquet with the current range of available models, especially for beginners and those buying for the first time.  When choosing one, it is important to find a racquet that is designed for your skill and playing style. Finding the right one will allow you to play with more confidence and consistency.

Consider these things when shopping for tennis racquets: size and shape of the head, weight, balance, length, thickness and the material that the frame is made of.

If you’re an experienced tennis player and you want increased power and more  spin choose a larger head size. It will give you even control and will allow you to swing freely and aggressively.  For newbies and recreational players, choose a longer tennis racquet.  It can provide more reach power and a greater capacity for spin.

Keep in mind that heavier Tennis Rackets will give you more power potential and makes it  easier for you to return an opponent’s powerful shot. However, heavier racquets are more difficult for a beginner to handle, I would suggest you choose a lighter one.

The shape of the head should also be taken into consideration.  Round head shapes tend to have a round sweet spot, while teardrop shaped heads generally have an oblong sweet spot that lets the spot extend higher up the bed.

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