The Modern Mom
February 24, 2009
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For a big bundle of savings, here are some tips I gathered from GH to help you lower your electricity bills.

1.) Get new bulbs.  CFLs or compact flourescent lightbulbs are more energy efficient.  Thesetwisty bulbs now come in a covered style that resembles a regular bulb.

2.)  Turn down the lights.  The lower the lights, the less electricity used.  Install dimmers and set it at 75 percent output.  You can save an estimated 20 percent in energy plus, you can quadruple the life of the bulb.  Dimmers can be bought at hardware stores.

3.)  Power-off savings.  Stairways, halls and garages get a lot of traffic, and people often forget to shut off the lights once they’ve passed by.  Installing sensor motions is a great idea.  It automatically turn the lights on once motion is detected and shuts off when the motion is no longer detected.

I used to leave the lights on overnight in hall ways and in our garage.  What I took for granted before, I now learn to appreciate and if possible hold on it tightly and give it the importance it so deserves.

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