The Modern Mom
September 20, 2008
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Babies are so delicate and their soft skin are more prone to dirt and harmful chemicals and bacteria.  To keep their skin healthy, their clothes and crib sheets should be kept pristine and fresh.

When you wash them, wash them in warm water and tumble dry on a low setting.  As soon as they’re dru, remove the sheets from the dryer to avoid wrinkling.

Always shake out baby’s towels before and after placing in the dryer to keep them soft and fluffy.  Shaking reopens the terry loops, making the towels more absorbent.

To treat food and formula stains on baby clothes, quickly sponge the stain with cool water then soak in an enzyme detergent for 30 minute.  Wash after soaking.

Bleaching is not recommended for a newborn’s clothing, as his skin is most sensitive and can react to bleach.  If need be, do a one-garment test to check for skin reactions.  Always rinse bleached garments twice, once in cold water and the in warm.

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