The Modern Mom
October 26, 2011
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My nephew had dental issues not too long ago. Luckily, he had a dental plan that helped him address these issues. It’s a discount dental plan that covered the treatment he needed. Requiring surgery and orthodontics, it would have been not just a dental problem but a financial one as well. Ameriplan helped him take care of his dental problem. Before he had his treatment, he was shy and very conscious of smiling. He was afraid that his teeth would drive away people. It affected his self esteem and confidence.

After a successful treatment by a wonderful Mesa Dentist, he became more outgoing and smiled a lot. He now goes out on dates and spends time socializing. It is nice to see him so happy. For years he hid and had a world of his own. Now he has a social life. He has more friends than before.  Never again will he be alone, it is unbelievable but orthodontists can make your life change with no doubt.

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