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March 31, 2012
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I used to panic every time a member of my family had problems with their teeth.  You know how expensive dental treatments can get; a root canal can cost you thousands of pesos and that fee does not cover the porcelain filling.

I kept complaining about how much I had to spend when my sister told me that it’s even more expensive in the States.  One time she had a root canal at the Oxford Dental Care center and she spent $400.  That’s way too high than what I had to pay here.  She didn’t have an individual dental insurance that time so she had to shoulder all the expenses.

Now she’s having problems with her upper and lower front teeth.  Her tooth’s enamel have become too thin which made them very sensitive.  Her dentist suggested veneers, but each tooth would cost about $900, she decided it was best to travel to Root Canals dentist office in Dublin, CA where she knew it would be cheaper and they would still do a better job.  If you sum it all up, she can buy a round trip plane ticket to come home and still pay for her dental treatment here.

She was really planning on visiting home and have her veneers done here but she couldn’t get a vacation from her work right away.  Then she heard about Aetna Dental Access Plan from her co- worker.  If she pays the annual fee, she can get as much as 50% discount on treatments.  That’s fair enough and she doesn’t have to wait too long to have her teeth done.  She signed up right away and her veneers done.

I couldn’t complain anymore after hearing her story because I’m still lucky that dental treatments here aren’t that expensive.  I still wish though that the dentists here will also accept dental insurance plans so we too, can get discounts, what I typically do is to leave all my dentist treatments for when I visit my friend, the dentist near Sierra Vista( is usually the one that takes care of me.

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