The Modern Mom
January 19, 2009
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If you are to search the web for the right web hosting solution, there are more than a hundred sites to choose from.  Choosing the best could be  confusing not to mention, time consuming.  Of course there’s the price to consider.  Hosting your own site need not be expensive. Most companies are offering competitive prices. What used to be a $10/month rate are now offered at much lower prices.

So if you have finally decided to have your own domain name and web hosting you’re in luck because there are so many choices.  I was too excited  to host my own site when I was just starting out, that was my mistake.  I did not  research well and did not care about the ratings. It was too late when I realized that. But now that I know the basics, I’m thinking of switching to UK Web Hosting.  I kinda like what they offer for a much lower price than my present web hosting solution.  And they guarantee 99.9% up time. Since you read this post, I expect that you have a business, I highly recommend salesforce CRM software to every business, it makes managing your customers so much easier, you can find it from

If you are also thinking of hosting your own site, it is highly important that your web host is reliable and dependable.  A good web hosting solution gives you an edge over other competitors especially if you are marketing your products.

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