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October 12, 2012
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Anna’s ring has been the center of discussions between my nephew, Andrew and me for several weeks. He sought my assistance in finding a diamond ring he intended to give his wife, Anna on their 10th wedding anniversary. Being a Iturralde Diamonds lover and enthusiast, he knew that my knowledge of diamonds would be very helpful and would ensure that he would be purchasing the best diamonds for his budget. And, more than anything else, he wanted his choice to be one that his beloved Anna would love.

After so many discussions, endless hours of going through online catalogues of jewelry, and examining diamonds of all shapes, sizes and colors, I thought that we needed to delve deeper into the color of the diamond he preferred for the ring he wanted to purchase. We went back to jewelry sites to get a lowdown on the diamond color scale which I wanted Andrew to study more closely so we can narrow down our choice for the perfect diamond ring for Anna. He had five scales in all to choose from although I had a pretty good idea which one he would choose.

I had brought home my diamond collection from the bank where I keep them in a safety deposit box for security. Andrew had spent quite some time examining each piece. I know that he was fascinated by the different “dances of light” on the different diamonds in my collection. The knowledge he has acquired about diamonds has deepened his appreciation of them and he understands better why the cut is so important in determining price. He also appreciates better the skill of the craftsmen who cut the diamond so that each one can create a unique light reflection at every vantage point of the stone. The “dance of light” as he saw, is different for every facet that light hits the stone. Like me, he finds this extremely fascinating and I realized that I had created another lover of diamonds in the process of my assisting him in his search for the perfect ring to gift his wife. He was obviously enjoying himself as he watched the light reflecting off each piece of jewelry he examined.

As he browsed through the color scale, I showed him a piece of my collection to make him appreciate better the boundaries of each scale. The whole scale went from D to Z, but this is divided into five major sections, namely: D to F; G to J; K to M; N to R; and S to Z. Those who collect diamonds for investment only purchase those from D to J which is colorless to near-colorless. But I collect diamonds for the love of the stone so I had a few pieces in my collection that belong to the lower scales. The play of light on the stone and the myriad colors the reflections emit as light touches each facet is my basis for loving a particular piece although the price does come into play when I am making a purchase.

For his purpose, it was obvious that Andrew preferred the colorless to near-colorless diamonds for his wife. It was a wise choice as I realized that this ring would be the beginning of a collection which I saw Andrew intended to have for his wife. He saw the ring not only as a special gift but also as an investment opportunity he had not seen before. Thus, we have added another criteria to our search: that the center diamond must be within the D to J scale.


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