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January 30, 2012
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I still can’t believe that my pre-schooler is going to be a grade schooler soon. But somehow I need to get used to this idea and accept that my daughter is no longer a baby. It’s a good thing though that the transition of my little girl from toddler to pre-schooler was a breeze. Thanks to the routine that we established when my little girl was a baby until she became a toddler.

I think establishing a routine helps kids feel secure and helps them feel calm and at peace. Can you imagine how your kids will feel if you haven’t established a routine? How would they feel if they don’t have a schedule that they follow every day? I would say, it would be a mess and disorganized for you, your kids and for the rest of the family.

Routines are most important especially if your kids start schooling. Since traditional schools have their own routines too, it would be easier for the kids to adapt. In my experience, we have established a routine for meal times, free play, study time, TV time, gadget game time and movie time.

 We follow the same routine every day and when my little girl started going to school, she found the school’s routine easy to follow. I’m also glad that the school we chose for my little girl was very organized too so everything fell into place. I guess another key factor in our routine is that it was very simple and constant. So if you are trying to establish a routine for your kids, try not to change it every now and then. I’m positive that it will have a huge impact in your pre-schoolers.

Andie is a freelance content writer who loves to travel and explore new places. Her current article is about home improvement projects and gulvafslibning (floor sanding).

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