The Modern Mom
October 6, 2010
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It’s not confirmed yet but we might move to a new house early next year.  Mom and I are working with the bank if we can acquire this property, the house/building that we are renting out at present, but it seems that someone has already bought it.   They have not formally informed us of the real status yet.  We have asked the bank several times to show us a ‘clean’ title of the property but they were not able to do that.  The former owner’s children have an adverse claim on the property and no buyer would want to inherit a pending case, right?   Oh well, I guess this place is not really meant to be ours.  We are now looking for a new place to buy or lease.

I’m a little excited to be moving but a little worried too.  We do have moving services here but they are not as professional as Yoga Boston movers.  Actually, movers here only provide the trucks, but they are luxury pickup trucks so they are very nice.  You still do your own packing and repacking and that’s what worries me.  I will be needing much time to do all these stuff.  I’m keeping my fingers are crossed, whether we get this property or we buy a new one, I hope everything will work out fine.

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