The Modern Mom
February 5, 2011
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My sister-in-law recently moved out of the apartment she shared with her cousin. She got herself her own flat and needed to move so many stuff she had collected though the years. Most were very fragile items that gave her nightmares to pack. I did some searching for her as she was so busy with her two jobs. All she told me was to get someone that would treat her belongings like they were their own. Simple, no! I had to be very sure that all her stuff gets to her new flat all in one piece. Sure enough, I found dozens but nothing came close to the Moving Company I chose.

Not only did they have over a century of moving and storing experience, they had passion and took pride in their work. I also found out that they did not only service residential moving, but they also move offices. They also do international moving and storage. Want to know what stress-free means? Well they don’t just haul your stuff, they also pack them for you. As for their international service, they also do all the customs paper work for you. Backed by a family-like crew, you could expect professionalism and careful handling in their job.

My sister-in-law was so pleased with their service that that she not only recommended them to her friends, she vows to get them every time she needs some moving or even shipping. How’s that for stress-free moving?

***This is a sponsored review by Humboldt.

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