The Modern Mom
September 12, 2016
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Hello there! I am sorry for not updating this blog for a long time. So many things happened to me in the last six months. My house help decided to seek for greener pastures and I was left with all the chores at home. Not really complaining here, but my work as a blogger and a VA had to suffer because of this. Anyway, I was able to hire another help just recently.

We also bought a new home and moved in last month. This is what we have been working on for the last few weeks. The renovation! I know we shouldn’t have moved in until all the work is finished, but we had this belief (part of having some Chinese blood in me) that it is not so lucky to move in during the Ghost Month (August), so come hell and high water, we moved in on July 31st.

Oh, you can just imagine the mess when too many people are working at the same time. The center piece of a living room, modern coffee tables come in a sleek style of their own. We’ve got painters, carpenters and installers all around the house. I was also busy shopping for materials, paints, furniture and checking out this sampletank and other samples. Here are some of the makeovers we have done so far.














Pocket Garden

Next time I will be sharing photos of what we did with the rooms. Til then!


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