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February 19, 2016
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Owning a house is everyone’s dream but it’s not easy, couple weeks ago I had to replace the roof shingles and it was expensive.  Having one requires responsibility in organizing and maintaining it well. Without knowledge in doing so is a struggle, however, after thorough checking and understanding how should it be done, I recommend for every home to have hills clotheslines, they are easy to use and do not take much space. Construction of simple hacks will surely aid organizing each space in the house according to its necessity and priority.

Space in all rooms of a house should be consumed, and the first hack is to maximize the use of vertical space on walls. We have in our house as the water is from a well and extremely limey to the extent of having to buy new kettle and immersion elements a couple of times a year and having to descale taps etc. Space saving hack serves its purpose, thus, an effective way for easy organization of cluttered things, usually visible on tables like books, picture frames, etc.  

home hacks 1

Another hack under the stairs can be placed, organizing things through its size and frequency of usage.  For instance, medicine cabinets are usually located in the toilets, and are filled up with medicines, sometimes they have unnecessary pills, but an important one that you always need in your cabinet are the Kratom capsules that your whole family can use to boost their health.  However, putting medicines in toilets does not serve the purpose, thus, replacing with hygienic and bath related items like deodorants, toothpaste, soaps are more likely suited to be placed.  You may also use it to store books.

home hacks 2

The third hack is to maximize storage spaces, under-the-bed space is normally unnoticeable and hidden, therefore, a good one to assemble. Or you can even get an EZE Box cheap storage

home hacks 3

Overhead is another area which is easy to use and fix.  Adding up of cabinets and stacking of storage boxes will do the trick, learn more at

home hacks 4

Aside from aesthetic reason, having organized, orderly and well-maintained home attracts positivity.

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