The Modern Mom
April 17, 2010
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My husband is an avid knife collector. He has all kinds of knives. From switchblades to combat knives, I think he has them all. Being an outdoors man, he uses the knives in his collection. A vast majority of his collection are some of the most durable utility knives. His friends never forgets to get him different knives in their travels.  He has some models of spyderco knives in his collection. These are some of his most used knives because of their durability and functionality.  Lightweight and and small, this trusty switchblade is a good all around knife. Tough and sturdy, he always brings this along when he goes camping or fishing with his friends.

Unlike other utility knives, this has one of the strongest blades. He has given our daughter one for protection. In fact, even law enforcers and rescue teams use them. His first spyderco knife was given to him by a friend who’s an ex-marine. One of the features he liked about it is the ergonomic design of its handle. Easy to grip and does not put too much pressure on the hands, even females won’t have a hard time using them.

With our anniversary just a month away, I think I’ll get him one of those Delica models he’s been raving about.

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