The Modern Mom
August 29, 2013
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Tiffany’s signature blue box is as much a factor in a purchase as the item itself. If Tiffany’s were to place the purchase in a simple brown box instead of a blue box wrapped with a white ribbon, it would just not seem a Tiffany’s item. A customer is very likely to choose an equally stunning item from Tiffany’s as opposed to a competitor because the sight of the blue box will immediately elicit a huge smile of anticipation on the recipient.

It isn’t practical for all businesses to place their items in a box but almost any item can be wrapped and secured with tape personalized for the business. Even a package of meat from the deli counter can be held closed with a signature tape. Some companies sell already designed tapes and others have an option to personalize tape in addition to already designed tapes, such as the choices offered of anthropologie tape at

The distinctive tape you choose to embellish the packages from your business are a walking advertisement that could become as important as the quality of your product. A purchaser’s guests will see the tape and immediately know where the product was purchased. In the increasingly competitive markets a business has to promote their products in as many ways as possible. The aesthetic quality of the packaging is an incentive for customers to shop at your business. Give your business an edge by adding a unique packaging detail in addition to the quality of your products.

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