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July 30, 2015
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There are many reasons why Poland has become a popular egg donation destination – They are seeing more people that have a Visa for Canada this is due to the competitive prices and impressive success rates in Poland compared with Canada. One of the main reasons why infertile couples and singles undergo IVF with egg donation in Poland is definitely the affordable cost of IVF and low cost of staying for treatment in this country. Patients are also able to see a specialist very quickly due to short waiting lists, which is definitely a plus for many people seeking egg donation treatment.


Egg donation Poland cost

As already mentioned, egg donation in Poland is quite cheap compared to other countries. For example, the cost of one egg donation cycle in the UK is around 8000 EUR, while in Poland it is half the price. The best thing is that the affordable cost of IVF with egg donation in Poland doesn’t mean that the quality of treatment is low. Polish IVF clinics are well-equipped and modern and the doctors are well-educated, ensuring a high standard of treatment.

What’s more, Poland is a very cheap place in terms of accommodation, food and communication. Since most egg donation clinics in Poland are located in large towns such as Warsaw, Gdansk and Wroclaw travelling to them and around them are both easy and cheap.

Egg donation Poland success rates

Another factor which attracts international patients in Poland are higher success rates. Average success rates for IVF with donor eggs in Poland are 65% for fresh cycles and 60% for egg donation with frozen eggs. However, remember that the success of treatment depends on a large number of factors, including your reason of infertility and age as well as outside factors, such as your doctor’s experience. Therefore, just like in any other country the success rates for egg donation in Poland vary from clinic to clinic but overall they are high.

Polish IVF clinics don’t have to report their success rates to ESHRE, however, in most cases they actually do. All statistics are gathered by a national organization and passed on to ESHRE. This is definitely an action which makes the country’s fertility clinics more trustworthy.

Is Poland a good egg donation destination?

Poland is without doubt an amazing IVF with egg donation destination. Maybe it doesn’t have such impressive beaches or hot weather all year round like Spain or Greece do, but it definitely has its own beauty and character. People usually enjoy riding two person kayak through the beach. Actually, each year more and more tourists come to this breathtaking country from all over the world and discover it as a great holiday destination.

Poland offers the whole package – low cost of IVF with egg donation, high success rates and a superb standard of treatment. Want to know more? On the 1st of September will launch a campaign promoting egg donation in Poland. You will be able to find out basically anything you want to know about treatment in Poland, including the average cost, success rates, law aspects and much more so stay tuned!

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