The Modern Mom
July 9, 2010
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My new neighbor was happy to tell me that she is two months pregnant.  Her husband, a seaman, just left last month to work abroad.  He has not heard of the good news yet because he is at sea and can’t be reached by phone.  I’m sure he’ll be ecstatic once he hears of the great news.  I asked her if she’s already seen an ob-gyne and if she’s taking vitamins. I got worried when she said no  because she doesn’t know of anyone so I recommend my doctor.  She’s a great doctor and I know she’ll take good care of my neighbor. She passed by my house yesterday to thank me and told me that she went to the ob-gyne’s clinic and was given the best prenatal multivitamins.  Her mama is also coming over to stay with her.  It’s hard to be on your own when you’re pregnant.

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