The Modern Mom
October 25, 2009
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Have you looked around your kitchen?  Can you still see the clutter you have been trying to avoid all year long?  Now is the best time to organize them because you won’t have much time to do it next month.  You’ll be very busy preparing for Christmas – shopping, the decorations, and the parties.  Here are some easy tips I got from GH.

1.  The Everything Basket.  Keeping all your cleaning products, cloths, and dusters in an easy-to-carry box or basket will save unnecessary minutes running back and forth to the cupboard under the copper kitchen sinks.

2. Compartmentalize – Every kitchen has at least one drawer full of useful odds and ends that otherwise wouldn’t have a home.  Placing a cutlery inside the drawer can bring order to the jumble of scissors, rarely used knives, cookie cutters  and thread.  Label each compartment so you won’t have to struggle when looking for a kitchen tool.

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