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December 7, 2008
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Stains can hang around permanently and sometimes we are not aware that what we are doing to remove them will only make things worse.  Before we know it, it is already too late.  Below is a list of things you should never do to a stain:

**  Don’t pour salt on red wine, cola, tea and coffee stains.  It is true that salt will absorb the liquid but it will also set tannin pigments permanently.

**  Don’t rub soap into fresh stains, it will only set stains.

**  Don’t drench stain with water or stain remover, small amounts and repeated applications work better.

**  Don’t use very hot water on fresh stains, it can set stain permanently.

**  Don’t use a stain remover without testing it first on a hidden area of the fabric or carpet.

**  Don’t leave a stain remover containing enzymes on silk and wool.  Both are protein fibers and can be damaged by protein-eating action of the enzyme stain remover.

** Don’t use any kind of bleach on silk or wool, it might result to discoloration.

**  Don’t tumble-dry stained fabric, the heat will only set remaining stain permanently.

**  Don’t try to remove stains from old or antique fabric.  You will only risk damage, get help from professionals.

source: quick & simple

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