The Modern Mom
April 15, 2009
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I like hearing or reading tips on ways people solve problems in their household.  Some of them may really sound strange to you but if you try it, you’ll be amazed that it really works.  Here are some of them…

Make plant leaves glossy by rubbing them with a little mayonnaise and a paper towel.  They will stay shiny for weeks.

If your shower curtain is sticking, rub hair conditioner on the rod.   The rings will glide smoothly.

Lost your bathtub plug?  Grab a used golf ball and use it as a substitute.  It stays in place and rolls back in if dislodged.

Use a wide candle as a pincushion.  The wax helps needles and pins slide in and out of fabric more easily.

Will be posting more strange tips next time. 🙂

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