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January 4, 2013
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Carpet prices are a little costly nowadays that is why you should give your rugs extra care. Regular cleaning and vacuuming will not only make it pretty but it will help make your carpet last longer. It may be hard work on your part but you can get professionals like abc rug cleaning new york do it for you.  For a minimal fee, they can keep your carpet look like new and leave them smelling fresh.

Health wise I think it is better to have your rugs cleaned by professionals.  Aside from the fact that your carpet will be thoroughly cleaned, they have special cleaning solutions that are not hazardous to our health.  These solutions have been formulated using natural ingredients so they are great for the environment as well.  A lot of chemicals that are used to make cleaning solutions are being linked to some health issues so Abc Rug Cleaning New York made sure theirs are safe to use.  If you ever felt dizzy or nauseous after cleaning, you better check the ingredients in your cleaning solution.  The longer you are exposed with it the higher your risk of having health problems in the future.  Most cleaning solutions that are available in the market are also linked to headaches and fatigue.

Carpets definitely make any home or office attractive and nothing else can give you the warmth and comfort a carpet does.  Just the mere thought of the soft carpet on your feet already makes you feel comfortable.  Some people think having a carpet installed in your home is high maintenance but not when you have Abc Rug Cleaning New York.

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