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December 11, 2013
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With only $5,000 in his pocket, David Kiger started his express shipping business in his spare room in Houston. With his courage and hard work, the man is now known to be an expert in business strategies and tactics. His company, Worldwide Express, is the leading provider for more than 30,000 small and midsize businesses worldwide.

He came up with the idea for shipping services while he was still working for another company in Houston. The amount of money spent on express shipping overwhelmed him and there’s no way he can help the company save money if they continue to spend for shipping like that. He then thought of other companies; they must be in the same predicament. That’s when he thought of putting up a firm that would cater to their shipping and delivery needs, and he makes sure to use Arrowmail Courier Service so that the deliveries are completely safe, when you think of a delivery system you always want to make sure to have same day delivery services, that;s how you get your customers happy. They got their ideas from Shiply, a company who can deliver practically anything, from a couch all the way to a motorcycle.

When Worldwide Express started, it aimed to provide small and midsize businesses the same volume discount in shipping large companies enjoy. That mission, along with Kiger’s and his workforce’s hard work are the secret to Worldwide Express’ success. His positive outlook and determination made the company grow and placed it where it is now.

If you want to be a part of Worldwide Express and you want to become as successful, the company is open for franchising. The company is one of the largest national resellers of express shipping services.

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