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May 6, 2014
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During the summer months, the fight to stay cool can make your electric bill skyrocket. Many air conditioners, however, are not at their most effective. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do in your home to help out your cooling system so it doesn’t have to work quite so hard and our friendly local experts from have some tips for you.

1. Test It Before Summer Starts

Just as the weather starts warming up, do a test run of your air conditioner to make sure it’s doing everything it should. If there are any issues, you’ll want to get them taken care of before the temperature climbs too high. Don’t put this one off — running your AC for too long when it needs to be repaired will stress it further and could cause it to break down entirely.

2. Change Your Filters Regularly

Most air conditioning units need to have their filters changed once a month during the summer, especially if they’re on most of the time. If you have pets or a lot of dust in your home, that time frame is more like every two to three weeks. Check your filters on a regular basis and change them out if they’re dirty.

3. Schedule a Tune-Up

Your heating and cooling systems should be getting an annual tune-up, and summertime is a good opportunity to get that scheduled. You may not be able to spot all the needed repairs on your own, so it’s a good idea to get someone professional to check it out.

4. Replace Old Systems

If your AC unit is more than ten years old, you may be paying far more in electric bills than the unit is worth. Consider ditching it and opt for an eco-friendly Energy Star system instead. If you need a new air conditioner anyway, buying an energy-efficient one is an excellent investment.

5. Take Advantage of Programmable Thermostats

Most air conditioners these days let you program the thermostat to automatically adjust to specific temperatures at specific times. Set it to switch off during the day when the kids are at school and you are at work. Your house doesn’t need to stay at a comfortable temperature if no one is home. If your thermostat isn’t programmable, you can still take advantage of this trick — you’ll just have to raise and lower the temperature manually.

You can cool down your house this year without going broke. Take advantage of these tips to stay comfortable all summer long.

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