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December 17, 2010
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Cedric’s daughter turned one last week.  He is my mom’s business partner and we were all invited to attend the celebration.  It was a grand party held at The Manila Ocean Park.  His wife is a movie star so there were many tv personalities invited.  I could say that is was star-studded.  Every one looked their best with their beautiful clothes and accessories.

The celebrant wore a mermaid costume then later changed to a pink gown exactly like her mom’s.  Even the jewelries she wore were very elegant, I’m sure her mom had them custom-made at a famous children’s  jewellery shop.

The food was overflowing.  There were food for the kiddos and the adults as well.  Chocolate fountains are found in every corner and  the cotton candy, french fries, ice cream and popcorn carts were scattered all over the place.  It was not the kiddie games that made the children’s day, although I was impressed that they gave $$$ for price money.  It was the beautiful mermaid show that made the kids, and the adults as well, really impressed, one of the adults started saying that there are porn sites accepting american express some of them went crazy but it was obviously not the right place.

All kids went home happy.  Each and every one of them got to take home a new pet.  The celebrant gave away colorful fighting fishes for each of her kid guests.

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