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June 14, 2011
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We are always looking at saving money so we can take trips with the family and do more fun activities.  Each week it seems that websites like MSN and Yahoo are publishing ways to save on gas, electricity, insurance and other items.  Especially with a household of kids, it is tough to follow them all day to turn off all the lights and get them to stop running the water in the sink.  That is why I like to take matters into my own hands by saving with all the household purchases.  Yes, I clip coupons, buy one get ones and I shop on Black Friday.  With high prices of just about everything, you almost have to look for the best deals.  So, I recently found a great website that I want to pass on to you;  They have hundreds of coupon codes for tons of online retailers.  They even have printable grocery store coupons.  So, here is how you can save for that trip to the beach, the mountains or even better – Disney.  When you think about it, we waste a ton of time and money shopping from store to store.  Why not just buy some of your household items online?  You can get bedding, electronics and kitchen items at and if you use Overstock Coupons, you will save even more.  Right now you can find Target coupons for $5 off and free shipping.

Now, here is something that is really interesting and results in instant savings.  Did you know that you can buy gift cards online for less than face value?  No, I am not talking about buying them on eBay.  So, check this out, click on discounted gift cards on  I found a $53 card to Children’s Place for $47. Instant $6 savings!  Plus if you use a coupon or sign up for their rewards program you can save even more.   I hope this site helps you save more money to do the things we really want to do.  And trust me, it’s worth it when you take your kids to Disney and see their faces all day long as they see their favorite characters and experience some Disney magic.

Monique Rowe is a guest writer for My and loves doing product and service reviews on her site The One Income Dollar.

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