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June 21, 2011
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Don’t we all look out for ways to save money so we can take vacations with the whole family and eat out on weekends?  While we do our best to cut back on costs and save as much as we can,  sometimes it’s a little tough to follow all these money saving tips when you have kids at home.  I keep reminding them to turn off the lights and tv when they leave the room, but they keep forgetting.  Brushing their teeth and washing hands are also an issue, I have to keep reminding them not to keep the water running when not in use.  And oh, the toothpaste.  I can’t understand why they have to use so much when a pea size would do, then you’d see drops of unused toothpaste in the sink.  What a waste!

So when I found out about Canadian free stuff’s master guru blogger Cheetah, I took it as a cue to start clipping coupons to save more.  I have to admit I didn’t believe coupons could help me buy $100 worth of groceries for as little as $18,  and the guru helped me do that.  Cheetah dedicated her spare time couponing and created a series of articles on How to Extreme Coupon in Canada.  You’ll learn how to start right if you’re new at couponing.  Those who are already into coupon clipping can also learn a lot from her, plus,  you get regular tips from her.  Once you know where to start every thing else will come easy to you.  You’ll be surprised at how much savings you will get week after week.

By the way, Cheetah lives in Ontario and also blogs at Eastern Canada Coupon deals.  You may also want to check out  Linda from Saskatchewan who always manage to find the best Western Canada coupon deals.  And if your in need of trading coupons or need to ask couponing questions, feel free to visit their Canada Coupon Forum at

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