The Modern Mom
July 31, 2009
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I was watching Myth Busters a few nights ago and I had to laugh at the 5 most common acne myths: Chocolate, pizza and French Fries; You don’t wash your face enough; Acne is only a problem for teens; Nothing will get rid of acne; and Laying in the sun will make your acne go away.  I’ve had zits while growing up, and all those times I’ve been hearing believing all these!  It was only later that I found out none of these were true.


While it is not clear what really causes you to break out, experts believe they are caused by hormonal changes in the body.  Zits are difficult to cure but there are ways to manage them, the best acne treatments can do the trick.  May I remind you though, not to pop your zits, this will only aggravate the problem.  Zits, according to experts will go away with time.  The key is to control them rather than cure them until your body decides you’ve had enough.

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