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February 5, 2010
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As with all stains, you know that the faster you can remove them, the better your chances of getting them off your clothes completely.  I already posted an article before on what you shouldn’t do with stubborn stains here.  Now I’m giving you some smart solutions to remove them.

BLOOD.  Quickly rinse off under cold running water, soak in a solution of biological washing liquid and lukewarm water, then wash; for whites, soak in mild ammonia and water solution then wash; for dried stains, apply hydrogen peroxide then rinse.

CHOCOLATE.  Apply biological washing liquid to the stain, sponge are with warm water, then wash.

CRAYON.  Dab area with paint thinner, then use heavy-duty detergent containing oxygen bleach to remove remaining stains.

FRUIT AND FRUIT JUICE.  Sprinkle borax over the stain to absorb moisture, rinse in cold water, and wash in solution of hot water and detergent; for stubborn marks, treat with solution of diluted bleach and water (1 part bleach to 4 parts water).

INK.  Dab unknown ink with nail polish remover; sponge ball-point pen ink stains with rubbing alcohol, then wash as usual using appropriate bleach.

KETCHUP.  Scrape off excess, hold the fabric under cold running water, dab area with detergent soap bar, then wash as usual.

MILK.  Rinse off under cold running water, then wash using biological detergent.

MUD.  Scrape off dried mud, apply biological liquid or soap, then wash as usual.

source: GH

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