The Modern Mom
January 3, 2009
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You can’t control the price of groceries, so are gasoline prices.  In the past year alone, grocery and gasoline prices rose several times… and they are still climbing.  But you can chop your daily meal costs in half if you start shopping smart and sticking to lists, switching to cheaper ingredients and cooking no-fuss dishes from scratch.

I used to buy rotisserie chicken from the supermarket whenever I don’t feel like cooking, I just ask them to chop it for me and I’m ready to serve.  It was only when everything started going up that I started roasting my own chicken using my turbo broiler.  I’ve saved almost half of the money I spent on rotisserie chickens plus, my family can have different flavors anytime because I get to experiment with different herbs and spices.  And best of all, I know I’m serving healthy food because I don’t use MSG and artificial seasonings.


There are many more ways to save on grocery items like if you swap boneless chicken breasts for bone-in breasts or thighs, you’ll save up to 50 percent.  And instead of buying tenderloin beef, opt for sirloin, striploin or buy value cuts.  You can also skip pricey pre-made burger patties and marinated meats.  You can make your own and if you don’t know how, there are so many available recipes on the internet.

Times have gotten really hard and we’re not even sure how long it will last.  Following this simple steps can help you save a lot of money plus, you know you’re eating better.

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