The Modern Mom
November 30, 2011
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So now he’s into baseball.  It used to be soccer and basketball but ever since he tried playing baseball with his friends last summer; he fell in love with the sport.  But it’s good that he’s become active with sports.  When he was a little younger he had no interest in any sport. It was a great moment in out family when he came to us excited about the new turf being built in a park near by, it was music to my ears hearing him shout, mom check this out! Before that it was frustrating for us because both me and hubs are sports lovers.  Hubs had tried a lot of sports while I, on the other hand, is into bowling.

It was only when he entered his second year in high school that he became interested.  His bestfriend was into soccer and he was able to encourage him to try.  He liked it and even attended a basic training class.  Then they also tried basketball and liked it.  But it is with baseball that he seems very enthusiastic.  He religiously attends the weekly training and he has started buying his equipment.  Last week he came home with two Baseball Gloves.  He and his friends are saving up for a pitching machine so they can practice in our backyard. One time he came home and wanted to buy a HGH Elite Series because other people consume these, I don’t know. Growth hormones does not sound safe to me so I said no to that.

My husband and I are giving him all our support and no we’re not expecting him to make a career out of it; what matters to us is that he is active and he is enjoying the sport.

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