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September 30, 2014
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Collecting sports memorabilia can be a great hobby for you and your family. Whether you are concentrating on a specific team or are collecting more general sports items, it is important to find ways to protection your best collectibles.

Cases to Store Your Collection
The first step in protecting any type of memorabilia that you have from your favorite sport or your favorite team is to house it in display cases. These cases should be sturdy, provide protection from dust and still allow you to enjoy your various pieces. Display cases are available for specific types of memorabilia such as bats, balls, jerseys and collectible cards. You can also invest in larger cases that hold different types of collectible items in one place. The cases you choose will depend on the items and the space you have available for display.

Avoid Potential Hazards
A lot of things can damage your precious collectibles. One of the most underrated risks is from the sun. If you have an autographed item, jersey or paper memorabilia, this should be kept away from the sun at all times. It is also important to know that if you are depending on your collection’s eventual resale value, you should avoid keeping it in an area where people smoke.

Water damage is also a risk. To avoid water damage, it is important to keep your collection in an area of your home away from sources of water. It is also important that if you keep your collection in a basement area that the basement is fully protected from leaks and cracks that can let in too much moisture.

Insure Your Collection
If you own a number of significantly valuable items, it is important to understand how your collection can be insured. While your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance may cover something, you may also look into getting a separate type of policy for your collection called collectible insurance. This will let you protect the full value of your products and have the policy reevaluated when the value rises.

Do you want to provide your friends and family with great storage for their collectibles, but are not sure what type of protective case they need? You can always purchase gift certificates to make sure they get the best in protection for their collectibles.

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