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October 27, 2013
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It’s when the small one starts touching any screen and trying to change the channels by hand as if they were  tablets just like the ones it played with since childhood, that you realize children are used to this technology. Being able to manipulate a surface is what they expect. It is in this sense that the touchscreen technology has rapidly become the norm in mobile devices, walls, tables, cars and appliances among others. Therefore, human beings will have new ways to learn the technological world and manipulate it, which will require different cognitive and motor abilities, a point that several manufacturers of toys and technology have left unnoticed and have been given the task of release tablets for children. Here we show the top five tablet options for children, but not more, because Santa might decide to show his high-tech side this year.

1. LeapPad 2

Its maker, LeapFrog, is one of the pioneers in children’s learning technology. The second generation LeapPad has almost everything that a device for adults has. It has front and rear cameras, you can download new games online like prison escape, my kid has been addicted to that every single day, also it has a very good resolution, that´s why he prefers to Download top android games hacked from fully free because all the games are so fun. It has 4GB of memory, a 5-inch screen and comes loaded with stories of educational programs, apps, e-books and videos. It is recommended for children between 3 and 9 years and its cost is 99 euros. The good thing about this tablet is that as it has a powerful processor so there’s no problem if the content may change as your child grows.

2. VTech InnoTab 3

It has a price that competes with the LeapPad2, almost 100 euros and is also the third generation launched by Vtech. However, their technical capabilities are more limited: Just a camera and 2GB of memory, but can be expanded. Your speaker system is very good and children can use it as easel to paint due to its specific attachment. Especially attractive is the VTech InnoTab 3 blue. Your child will love it. It also has WiFi capabilities for games and applications to come down. Several franchises have created cartridges for this tablet.

3. Kurio 7

This tablet has the look and the price of a device for adults. The manufacturer, Techno Source, gave preference to a larger screen of 7 inches and its price is about 150 euros. Unlike the two previous models with their own operating systems, this runs on Android, so if your children do not want to use it you can use it as if it were an alternate option to the iPad mini. One advantage is that parents can put several filters and locks to content children may visit on the Internet. You have eight different users, so the brothers can share.. if they want.

4. Vinci Tab II

The price is quite high ( 169 euros ), however, it is an example of ergonomic design that subtly and effectively engages the hands of the small, mainly because the handle makes your transportation simple. The 5 inch screen is very clear, maybe the best tablet for kids. Vinci develops its own programs and applications and focuses on the learning of children. It runs on Android, has 8GB of memory and WiFi capabilities. Just like Kurio 7, this is a device that mom and dad can use once the small gets bored.

5. Nabi 2

A fairly powerful tablet with 7-inch screen, virtually has the capabilities of a Google Nexus 7, but is disguised as a children’s product. The cost is about the same: 199.99 euros. It has a list of popular songs designed for children, the option to see caricatures for 2.99 euros a month, wireless synchronization and a store, the App Zone 2.0, with applications approved by a community of parents. It also has 8 GB memory and 2 GB free cloud storage. It is a powerful tool and the best choice if you’re willing to pay the price.

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