The Modern Mom
December 17, 2010
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My mom likes jewelries so this Christmas I’m giving her a pair of pearl earrings with little diamond studs around it.  It’s not much compared to all the anniversary and Mothers day gifts dad has given her. But  that’s dad.  He can afford to give her expensive sets.  😉  He even showers my daughter and my niece with pretty jewelries.

While I was growing up, I loved looking at her collection.  She likes sapphire and diamonds and it was fun to watch her clean her jewels.  I’d like to share with you some tips that I learned from her on how to clean jewelries.

1.  Don’t keep them all together in one place, separate each piece with tissue paper.  Even costume jewelry is fragile, so do take care of them too.

2.  If you have to keep them in a jewelry box avoid the ones lined with suede.  Suede has tannic acid and can cause stains.

3.  Use warm water and a mild soap when cleaning fine jewelry but for opals and emeralds, use cold water.

4.  Polish silver with baking soda and water.

5.  Don’t dip pearls or anything on a string in water.  Have them professionally cleaned when they need to be restrung.

6.  Take off your jewelry while exercising, cleaning, doing laundry, bathing and using hairspray.

Following mom’s simple tips will make your treasures shiny and clean.

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