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June 26, 2009
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Here are some tips on home fixes even you or your husband can do.  No need to call in the repairman and save yourself from spending for repair and maintenance charges.  If your home has…

Water stains on the ceiling. You can buy water-stain blockers or sealers from the hardware or home improvements stores.  Apply to the ceiling with a brush or a roller, or spray from an aerosol can.  Once dry, repaint the ceiling.

A stuck window. Gently wedge a sharp blade ( a putty knife will do) into the seam between the window frame and the window trim; run it around the perimeter until it moves smoothly.  Then try opening the window.

If that trick doesn’t work, take a flat block of scrap wood and lay it against the frame, then tap it gently with a hammer to jar the window away from the trim.  Try this in different spots and check whether the window opens.

Once it opens, rub soap or a candle along the sides where the window frame moves up and down to lubricate it.

A clogged toilet. Use a large long-handled open-flange plunger.  Place the plunger over the drain opening at the bowl’s base.  Remove water from the bowl, leaving only enough to cover the plunger cup.  Pump for about 10 times.

To unblock flush holes under the rim, insert a short piece of wire in each hole, turning it several times to loosen the blockage.

A wobbly ceiling fan. Check if the fan blades are out of balance.  Clip a clothespin in the middle of the leading edge of one blade.  Turn on the fan to low speed and see if the weight stops the wobble.  try with each blade to see if it needs more weight.

If the clothespin stops the wobble, replace it with a small coin ( a one-peso coin or a quarter) taped onto the top of the fan blade.

A locked bathroom door. Most bathroom doors lock by either a turn or push button and have a little hole in the center of the outside doorknob.

For a turn button, insert (vertically) a small flat tool, like a flat-head screwdriver, into the hole and turn it clockwise or counter-clockwise (depending on which way the buttons turn to lock).

If it’s a push-button doorknob, simply poke a long, thin tool, like an ice pick or a small flat-head screwdriver, into the hole until the button pops out.

Glass and screen doors that don’t slide easily. Lift them out or their track for cleaning.  Clean around the bottom wheels.  Over the years, hair, dust and dirt accumulate around the wheel bearings, constricting them.

It is best to clean the track from time to time by brushing it out or vacuuming it with a narrow nozzle.

Wipe remaining grit with a damp sponge, dry the channel, then lubricate with silicone spray.

source: GH

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