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September 3, 2009
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Soon it will be election season here in the Philippines.  And even if it’s still months away, you can already see the candidates preparing for their campaigns.  Some have already started with their tv/radio ads and posters.  As the actual campaign period nears, these candidates will be touring the country from north to south.  But for security purposes and ease of travel, many of them will be avoiding the local carriers and would charter a Private Jet instead.  They can choose the day and time of departure that is most convenient for them.  And aside from having complete privacy, they can rest well and entertain the media or meet with their political strategists during the flight.

private jet 2

But private jets are not just for politics.  Sometimes, couples celebrate their anniversary on these chartered flights.  The unique experience makes it so romantic.  Plus, the service is incomparable.  Couples or families can make their vacation more memorable by taking advantage of some of the luxury services offered during the flight such as ordering catered meals or in flight entertainment.

private jet

If you don’t want to be bothered with long lines, lost baggage, senseless security checks and flight delays, charter a private jet.  Nothing beats flying in your own private aircraft.

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