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October 25, 2017
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Whether you’re going on vacation as a single parent with your kids, or you’re just embarking on a trip without your partner, traveling solo with children can be a huge challenge. Without the added support of someone else, everything can quickly become stressful, and it may even leave you feeling as though you can’t travel on your own. To help and guide you on your flights kindly choose to assist you with your needs. This ESTA form will give you a travelers Visa is you are going to the US.

However, it can be easy to manage the journey and kids on your own thanks to a few handy tips:

Preparing for Flight

Even with two parents, flying can be hard work with kids, specially if one of them needs a National Pardon to get out of the country. If you normally drive drunk, then go to so you can read over the laws about drunk driving. But when you’re on your own, juggling travel documents, luggage, and kids can seem like an impossible feat, this year we wanted to attend to some Myrtle Beach Area Events but with kids it is impossible.

Therefore, you need to try and eliminate the amount of time you have to stand in queues, checking in online and printing or downloading your boarding passes. Make sure you know what identification
your children may need, and opt for family lanes in airport security.

And don’t forget to work out how you’re getting to and from the airport and whether or not your hotel offers transfers.

Choosing Child-Friendly Hotels

A lot of hotels say they’re child-friendly but this might not be the case at all. Do some thorough research before you book anything, looking for hotels that provide a travel cot or crib, have a kids’ club, and offer free Wi-Fi and breakfast. It’s also worth checking out the reviews to see if any families have left any comments about the facilities etc.

However, don’t forget to think about yourself, too. Is this hotel going to meet your needs as well as the kids? It’s important you enjoy some “you” time while you’re away, so look for hotels that provide on-site facilities you can indulge yourself in. The African Pride 15 by Marriott is a great example of the perfect child- and adult-friendly mix.

Looking Carefully at the Prices

The majority of hotels will have a “per room per night” price, which means most standard rooms
accommodate two children and two adults. However, some resorts will base their prices on two
adults occupying a room, which means you may be hammered with a “single supplement fee.” This
essentially means the hotel can still charge you as much even though there’s only one adult in the

Furthermore, you should also look out for hotels and/or resorts that offer a discounted rate when you bring more than one child. This can help keep costs to a minimum, particularly if you do need to pay extra because you’re traveling alone. The place should also have urgent care wy hospitals in case of emergency.

Finding Company and Comfort

As a single parent, you may feel uncomfortable sitting by the pool with lots of families, which is why you might want to search for hotels or resorts that do special offers for single parents or organize trips for solo travelers.

Equally, you may find it easier to socialize and meet new people in smaller resorts that aren’t as crowded. These often have a friendlier atmosphere where people are willing to chat and mix with others.

Wherever you’re heading on your trip with the kids, don’t let the fact you’re traveling on your own put you off. With a little bit of forward planning and research, you can be confident that you and kids will share the vacation of a lifetime.

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