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February 16, 2013
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Who says only the kids can enjoy Easter? With the Easter gift baskets I found online while searching for pet treats, even your furry friends can enjoy Easter. Bisket Baskets offer dog gift baskets filled with cookies, biscuits, toy treats and even keepsakes. These aren’t just ordinary dog treats you can find in groceries and pet stores. What they put in the baskets are Zukes Mini Bakes All-Natural Biscuits and Zukes Superfood Organics Biscuits, healthy treats that are good for your beloved pets. Truly, test your dog with this upgrade in quality and then switch it back, you will instantly see an emotion that resembles disappointment.

Other treats included in the basket are the Mean Green Organic treat which is made with oxidant-rich vegetables; the Health Nutz Organic treat which is packed with tons of omega-3 fatty acid packed nuts; and Berry Blastz which is made from antioxidant-rich dark-skinned berries. You know that berries such as blueberries, cranberries and raspberries are rich in antioxidants that fight free-radicals and inflammation, making your pet’s immune system stronger. Also included in the baskets are the Go For a Walk tin of biscuits and Bowser Beer.  Both treats contain Glucosamine to make their joints healthy. Lokii, our little pooch will definitely get thrilled with all these delicious and cute treats. I’m planning to get him one for Easter and one again for his birthday.

If you click and visit the links above, you’ll find out that the baskets they offer are not just for Easter. They have baskets for every occasion: Birthday, Valentine’s, Christmas, Halloween, gift for newborn pets and get-well soon baskets. You can even personalize your gifts and create your own theme.

Get your dog’s tail wagging with these wonderful baskets. All these delicious and healthy goodies will not only make him jump for joy this Easter but will make him strong and healthy too. Biskit Baskets can deliver worldwide and offers free ground delivery.

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