The Modern Mom
April 11, 2009
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My maid is on vacation for two months and juggling time for business, family, friends and now the entire household  is not an easy job.  During the first week I was struggling and was dead tired at the end of the day. I am now on my third week of doing all the houseworks and I’m getting pretty used to it.  I realized that sometimes, we need to be kind to ourselves and our bodies.  If my body signals that it needs rest, I stop and rest.  Doing so many things pushes one to assess his real values and priorities.  How we allot our time reveals what’s really important to us.  I’m learning to set my priorities well and things are turning out easier than I thought.  Hubs was surprised that I managed and I’m hopeful that he’ll take me on those Orlando vacations I so deserve when the maid comes back. 😉

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