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June 18, 2018

The forest and woodlands are a fun choice to decorate your bedroom. Rustic is becoming more popular and the rustic look will make your bedroom a true retreat. If your bedroom is in a cabin in the woods, so much the better.

Decorating Your Bed

The center of any bedroom is the bed. Choose the size of bed that fits your room. The bed should be large enough to be a centerpiece, but not large enough to take up all the space. Once you have selected your bed, you will need to choose a spread. Matching pillows will not go amiss here, either. A good place to start your search is a company like the Burly Bear, which supplies rustic home decor. Choose a spread with a woods scene.

Let’s choose a bear bedspread as an example. With your bear bedspread, you will want some bed pillows that blend in. Many bed spreads come with matching pillows. Or, you can choose something in the colors of the forest such as beige, dark green or brown. Russet red or orange also blend well. Many companies sell bed sheets and pillow cases that blend in with your scheme.

Other Bedroom Needs

Dressers or wardrobes are the next items to find a place for. One wardrobe can be enough if you need to save space, but most rooms have a set of dressers. To go with rustic, dark wood furniture with a simple sealant blends well. However, other choices that work include solid black metal dressers, white dressers, and light wood designs. Some of these dressers may include a mirror for your room.

Next, lets decide on the window covers. More than likely, your bedspread has a curtain or cover that matches your set. Wooden window shades work well. They come in a variety of hues and will keep your room comfortable.

Now look at the room. What is it missing? This is the time to select some pictures for the walls and to decide if you want to add a chest or a seat somewhere in the room. A place to sit is always useful in any bedroom. Don’t forget the lighting.

Now, your bedroom is finished. Put your feet up and enjoy. If you need more help to decorate your home with rustic home items, the folks at companies like the Burly Bear are available with more ideas.

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