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December 12, 2017

It’s common today for kids to be so attached to their electronics that they hardly afford time to go and dig in the dirt outside. Yet, outdoor play has a whole lot of health benefits for the young one. Aside from allowing him or her to explore the natural environment and draw in some much-needed fresh air, it helps them develop muscle strength and coordination skills. Even more importantly, playing outside lets your kid gain self-confidence that’s an essential recipe for success in sports, studies, career and general interaction throughout the rest of their lives. The beautiful part is, there are so many fun outdoor activities that your kid can engage in. Here are 5.

1. Creating nature crafts
Once you get out into the yards, you find yourself in the middle of nature, replete with all manner of things that you can use to create so many different nature-inspired crafts. Kids generally love to create things with their hands. Taking them into the yards and allowing them and helping them to get creative will be a great way to make their day.

2. Chalking up the sidewalk
It’s lovely to watch hat your kid has drawn. It’s even more amazing what the drawing is out on the sidewalk. Get him some glow-in- the-dark chalk so he can immerse himself in this classic activity. Send out your kiddo with a box full of sidewalk chalk and encourage them to be imaginative. You will be surprised how these artistic kids can get.

3. Go swinging in a hammock
Try trying a hammock someplace in the woods, climb on it and just remain there swinging, resting, unwinding – the feeling is great. Well, it’s great for toddlers. You don’t want to miss the huge smile that will bubble out of her cheeks when swinging on that suspended network of fabric. It’s a powerful way to make your kid’s afternoon. Bonus: remember to take some pictures, you’ll cherish the memories.

4. Yard work and gardening
A child will always want to imitate what you do. Try weeding flowers with your young one around you and it won’t be long before she reaches for a tool to “help”. Now that we know so, why not encourage them to get handy by showing them weeds to pull, water to sprinkle on flowers and even a kid-size rake to keep them occupied. This task might just be the most fun thing for your little hobbyist.

5. Visit your local park
Parks are hotbeds of fun. They are filled with outdoor toys for kids. A stint at the local park with your kid can go a long way in boosting his enthusiasm. There’ll be more space for the toddler to run around and enjoy himself. Even better, he may meet other kids and make friends.

While outdoor play can often mean a lot of mess, it’s worth it every bit. Besides, more mess means more fun. Just be sure to slather the kiddo in sunscreen before letting into the sun.

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