The Modern Mom
September 17, 2018

Being a mom is hard work – caring after the kids, picking up messes, cleaning, cooking, and a never-ending list of responsibilities.

Every mom needs some time off, at least an hour to do something enjoyable that does not feel like the daily grind.

Hobbies can help you feel more in-tune with yourself and activities you enjoy, as well as take your mind off of the long list of tasks. It’s a great way to feel refreshed, motivated and energized.

Below, I’ve listed 5 hobbies that are not only fun, they are also doable for stay-at-home mom.

1. Drawing

Drawing can be a wonderful way to express your inner creativity and to push your mind to think in a different way.

For many people, it’s very meditative as it requires concentration and forgetting about all other problems or responsibilities.

Sketching, drawing and painting actually help develop different areas of your brain and can help with improving self-esteem.

Most importantly – drawing can feel like a restful, relaxing break. It allows you to sketch at your own pace, without any rules or pressure.

You can use a tracing lightbox to make the drawing experience much easier and relaxing. The soft glow will help you draw with the highest precision, and it also makes tracing super easy.

2.  Blogging

There’s a reason the blogosphere is full of mommy bloggers – it’s a fun hobby and even potential business for moms!

Blogging is challenging, wonderful and fun. It requires a combination of numerous skills including writing, photographing, graphic design, web development and marketing.

Mommies shouldn’t be nervous to open their first blog – you can start off with something small and learn with time.

Even if the blog is only for family and friends to catch up on what’s going on with the family, the challenge of putting together a running blog is a great way to spend time on an interesting goal.

3. Exercise

Exercise may feel more like a nuisance than a hobby but there are ways to make it fun.

Of course, exercise is absolutely vital for staying healthy and getting some endorphins in your system to feel happier.

Pick an exercise that you can enjoy, like Zumba or Yoga. You can follow videos on YouTube and start with beginner positions or steps.

As you improve, it will become more enjoyable.

4. Baking

This may seem like a household chore, but baking can take on a whole different role in your life as a hobby.

Play with ingredients and designs to improve your baking skills. Not only can you enjoy the delicious outcome, you may start creating art!

The internet (and Pinterest in particular) is full of amazingly creative ideas for cupcakes, cake pops, cakes and about any delicious baked good out there.

If you’re up for the challenge, find a recipe and art that you like and start baking and icing.

5. Gardening

Gardens can offer a wonderful way to get some fresh air and enjoy the stunning simplicity of nature.

In a way, they are an escape from the noise, the day-to-day pressure and craziness and can help a mom feel grounded.

The wonderful benefit to this is that gardening is done at home, so moms can easily do gardening while kids are napping or even playing outside.

It’s a creative outlet like no other and is surprisingly relaxing. Plus, the benefit is in having a beautiful garden with an abundance of flowers, fruits and maybe even veggies!